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need help in SAML2.0 SP setup and metadata file creation


I am new to SAML. And I got some work related to SAML2.0.Below are my requirements:



The basic need is for one of our php page (Service Provider) to receive a SAML 2.0 POST request as outlined in one of the document (from McKesson the Identity provider).

                There is no going back and forth with the customer’s site, once we get the post then we either pass or fail the request.

                We would need to create the meta data file for the post request and  use the following php library to do the SAML Validation. (The request is going have the 509.x certs/encryption etc…)


                svn checkout simplesamlphp



I would appreciate help from anybody if anyone can tell me the steps to accomplish the above task.

I am not understanding what to do to furning above task.

Even I tried to run simplesamlphp api ..which is giving "Object now found" error.


Thanks in advance

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