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HCL Announces Release of SOA Security Book

HCL Technologies Ltd, one of India's leading global IT services company, announced two of its executives, Dr. Ramarao Kanneganti and Prasad A. Chodavarapu, have authored the book, "SOA Security." Published by Manning Publications and immediately available in major bookstores and online retailers, or via the Manning Web site, the book provides a bottom-up understanding of security techniques appropriate for use in SOA. Written for readers of all levels -- including architects, designers, developers and IT managers -- "SOA Security" seeks to answer the questions surrounding the implementation of SOA security, going beyond mere descriptions of the standards to provide a unique approach to simplifying the process.

"Our goal with this book was to provide practical information for readers at all levels, helping them learn through action, by walking through sample code that illustrates how real life problems can be solved using the techniques and best practices that we developed through our work with some of our clients," said co-author Dr. Ramarao Kanneganti, Chief SOA Architect, Associate Vice President, Middleware & SOA Group, HCL Technologies. "While other resources are bogged down with the theory of all possibilities or provide overly simplistic approaches, this book focuses on the useful 20% of variations that are used 80% of the time."

While SOA is a growing trend with tools and vendor products still maturing, this book cuts through the hype and provides useful information on the basics of SOA security -- best practices, toolkits and techniques. The book opens with a description of why SOA security is different from traditional application security and what new approaches are needed, subsequently diving into relevant SOA standards such as WS-Security, XML Encryption, XML Signatures, SAML, WS-Trust and WS-SecurityPolicy. "SOA Security" also details how to build industrial-strength solutions, with descriptions of real-life problems and solutions that use practical frameworks. As a review at points out, "This is the real deal about SOA security, an absolute must-read on the subject. Five stars all 'round!"

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