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Exostar Deploys Its Enterprise Access Gateway Solution for BAE Systems

Exostar today announced BAE Systems as the first customer to use the Enterprise Access Gateway (EAG) in a production environment. EAG is a feature of Exostar’s cloud-based Managed Access Gateway (MAG) external identity federation solution. Companies like BAE Systems increasingly require secure access to information hosted in other organizations’ applications to conduct business effectively. EAG and MAG transparently deliver this capability for end-users by enabling single sign-on across organizations with mutual trust. EAG allows companies to fulfill the role of Identity Provider by authenticating their users when they logon to systems locally and then linking them with their Service Provider partners, who host applications that have been federated with MAG. EAG translates tokens generated using the SAML 1.x, SAML 2.0, and WS-Federation protocols, so Identity Providers and Service Providers can communicate without altering their existing identity federation configurations...

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