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Okta Publishes Okta Scale to Accelerate Secure Adoption of Enterprise Cloud

Okta has published a rating system for companies adopting SaaS applications, as well as guidance to help developers create more secure and manageable solutions for their customers. The Okta Scale rates each SaaS application based on its ability to meet enterprise identity management requirements and gives enterprise IT teams a way to better gauge the overall manageability of cloud applications...

Okta is also providing real world guidance for SaaS ISVs to help them address the identity management requirements of their customers. Okta's ISV guidance is written for developers of cloud and SaaS applications and provides them with both requirements for and examples on how to build best of breed user authentication and user management features into their application.

Based on the engineering integration work Okta has done across hundreds of SaaS applications, this guidance provides developers with a detailed how-to for implementing federated identity management capability such as SAML...


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