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EU group decides on SAML for identity project

A group co-funded by the European Union will use as the core protocol for an identity system designed to integrate member states, but the group is still investigating if can provide some future benefit.

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Group examining SAML, Information Card for European identity system

A group co-funded by the European Union has reversed its thinking and is considering both SAML and Information Card as technologies to help create an interoperable identity and authentication system to link EU members.

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Oracle Unveils First Phase of Identity Management 11g

Oracle announced the availability of the first components of Oracle Identity Management 11g including Oracle Platform Security Services, Oracle Internet Directory 11g, Oracle Virtual Directory 11g, and Oracle Identity Federation 11g.

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Mykonos Delivers Secure Web Applications With Zero Footprint

Mykonos Software announced today the general availability of a new version of Mykonos and a major update to their innovative platform for building and deploying secure, Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Mykonos v1.2 contains significant new enhancements that help extend enterprise security measures to the AJAX client.

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Nexus launches Argus Authentication Server

Nexus has launched Nexus Argus Authentication Server. The product name “Argus” refers to the mythological figure with one hundred eyes engaged by a goddess to guard a holy present. Analogously, Nexus Argus is the watcher of organisations’ valuable information accessible over the web. The new product offers a versatile, flexible and cost-efficient single sign-on access solution for web applications.

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