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Microsoft to test interoperability of identity protocol

Microsoft next month for the first time will participate in SAML 2.0 interoperability testing using its Geneva platform to test against other vendors' implementations of the open standard identity protocol. Microsoft will enter the testing, which has been sponsored by the Liberty Alliance since 2003, with the Beta 2 version of Geneva released last month. At that time, Microsoft said it would add certification for the Liberty Alliance implementation of SAML 2.0 when the final code of Geneva is released at the end of 2009.

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Ping Identity Launches SAML Endpoint Program

Ping Identity Corp. is offering a new end-to-end program designed to help companies speed the rollout of SSO (single sign-on) and identity-enabled Web services between their partners and customers. The approach basically lets core customers purchase PingFederate software on behalf of their partners and customers. The program aims to give Ping's enterrpise customers a low-cost and simple was to establish Internet identity connections with trusted parties, Ping officials said.

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Microsoft Releases Second Beta of Geneva

Microsoft on Monday launched the second beta of its claims-based identity management server platform, code-named "Geneva." The Geneva Server, previously referred to as the "Zermatt" project, runs a security token service that issues and transforms claims to help manage user identities for authentication...Geneva is a critical component in bridging Microsoft's cloud-based Azure Services Platform and its own Active Directory with other federated identity management platforms.

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myOneLogin: Single Sign-On for the Cloud

Essentially, myOneLogin is a hosted service that customers can use for their own systems without installing any additional hardware or software on-site or on their devices. Although the service can work with any behind-the-firewall browser-based application, its true potential is in providing SSO services to new hosts of cloud-based applications that are sneaking their way into the enterprise today.

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Pronto Software for SharePoint User Access Management Released

Pronto is a web based user access management software solution that plugs into an existing Microsoft SharePoint 2007 server and provides a comprehensive path to streamlining the process of managing users for access to different SharePoint 2007 sites with one or more site owners.

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