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Microsoft and security: 'steady as she sails'

...Microsoft is supporting “claims-based” authentication, in which users can gain access to systems using “claims” about their identity that are issued and signed by recognised organisations, either within the same corporate entity or by an external entity. This approach integrates Microsoft's own technology such as InfoCards and open standards such as SAML assertions. However, Microsoft is not yet going as far as to adopt SAML protocols for web security.

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New Versions of CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager and CA eHealth Performance Manager

CA today announced an enhanced solution for integrated infrastructure availability and performance management for enterprises, government agencies and service providers.

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Google Collaborates on Moodle Integration

Google Apps Education Edition is coming to an open source learning management system near you. Moodlerooms, a Moodle partner, is launching a new enhancement to the open source LMS in collaboration with search giant Google to provide access to the application suite using a single sign-on.

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Clickability Launches Enterprise-Class, SaaS-based Web Business Platform

Created to meet the urgent needs of global organizations for a reliable, affordable and easy-to-use Web business platform, Clickability Corporate Solutions bring the advantages of a constantly evolving multi-tenant platform and a mature Software as a Service (SaaS) WCM solution to companies eager to fully engage and serve their customers online...By consolidating their Web businesses with Clickability Corporate Solutions, enterprises are able to effectively manage numerous regional and brand sites, improve brand consistency and repurpose content in multiple languages across different site

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Symplified CTO to Discuss Access Management for Cloud Computing

Symplified, the On-Demand Identity company, today announced that founder and CTO Darren Platt will present a session on Identity Management in the Clouds at the Open Group Conference for Security Practitioners in San Diego on February 5. Mr. Platt was invited to discuss the challenges associated with extending enterprise security infrastructures to the cloud to centralize access control, authentication, and audit over Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

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