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Forbis Issues New FORPOSTBranch Automation 3.0.5

FORPOST*Branch Automation (FBA) 3.0.5 is a new release of hardware and software platform, which creates all the conditions for organising efficient sales of banking services to customers.

FBA 3.0.5 is a product, which saves bank expenses and does not require highly qualified specialists. It may function autonomously regarding the banking information system, allows to easily and quickly expand the existing network, and ensures uninterrupted customer servicing regardless of geographical location, language, time, or specifics of banking services.

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Lighthouse Introduces SaaS-Based Managed Enterprise Security Solution

Lighthouse Security Group introduced Lighthouse Gateway, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform that provides corporate identity and access management in a compliant, cost-effective, open solution. Based on IBM’s Tivoli identity and access management software, Lighthouse Gateway implements Web-based SaaS technologies, eliminating the risk and expenses associated with purchasing, deploying and maintaining an in-house security infrastructure.

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New Year’s Resolution: Let’s Talk More about SPML

Mark Diodati writes...Jackson Shaw and James McGovern have been blogging recently about one of my favorite topics: Service Provisioning Markup Language (SPML).  I’d like to contribute to the discussion.  You can find Jackson’s blog entry from December 20 here, and James McGovern’s blog entry from January 5 here.

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TrustBearer PIV Middleware Achieves United States Government Certification

TrustBearer Labs, an authentication and digital identity solutions company, announced today that the TrustBearer Desktop PIV API meets the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 201 requirements and is approved by US Government GSA for deployment in Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) programs. The certification enables government agencies to purchase TrustBearer Desktop PIV middleware to comply with the FIPS 201 standard as mandated by HSPD-12.

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Salestrakr partners with GlobalCrypto

GlobalCrypto today announced it signed a deal to provide bi-directional authentication for Salestrakr. RealMe strong authentication software from GlobalCrypto, enables a user to upload a photo of their choice and have that picture embedded with cryptographic information unique to the user and Web site. RealMe then separates the picture and exchanges half of the image between a user and Web site. No login can take place until the user unlocks the encrypted image with their password and the two halves of the encrypted information in the digital image match.

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