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Free Open SAML 2.0 Toolkits for eGov Federations

You can now download free toolkits and reference implementations for service providers which will integrate with Identity Providers supporting the open SAML 2.0 standard. The toolkits and associated reference implementations implements the Danish eGov OIOSAML 2.0 profile and can be downloaded from the open source repository. The purpose of these toolkits is twofold.

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SAML, JAAS, & Role-Based Access Control: Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, I discussed using a Java application as a Web service client and a creative way to secure that client using JAAS and SAML. Part 2 is a consequence of the same application, but I examine how to attach a SAML token to a SOAP message from within a Java application to invoke a Web service that is secured using WS-Security SAML policy file. Here I focus on the mechanism needed to invoke a secure Web service.

Read the complete article by Frank Teti at Dr. Dobb's Journal.

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Aetna, Citi, Deutsche Telekom AG and UNINETT Win 2008 Liberty Alliance IDDY Awards

Liberty Alliance, the global identity community working to build a more trust-worthy internet for consumers, governments and businesses worldwide, today announced Aetna, Citi, Deutsche Telekom AG and UNINETT have won the 2008 IDDY (Identity Deployment of the Year) Award.

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Microsoft Opens Live Mesh To More Users

Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT)'s software plus services platform, Live Mesh, is now available to anyone in the United States, the company announced Wednesday. Live Meshwill also have additional functionality as an application platform for developers, unlike MobileMe. Microsoft will use open standards including Atom, JSON, POX, RSS, SAML, HTTP, REST, and FeedSync to allow for interoperability.


Read the complete article by J Nicholas Hoover at Information Week.


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