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PingFederate Web Services Provides WS-Trust Security Token Service (STS)

Ping Identity announced that PingFederate Web Services 2.6 is available for immediate download from its Web site. Now packaged as an optional add-on module for PingFederate, Ping Identity's industry-leading standalone federated identity software, PingFederate Web Services 2.6 adds support for the OASIS WS-Trust 1.3 standard, as well as the ability to create and validate CA SiteMinder SMSESSION tokens.

PingFederate Web Services, previously called PingTrust, is an optional PingFederate module
designed for organizations wanting to extend their browser-based Internet Single Sign-On architecture to incorporate Web services and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs). It acts as a WS-Trust Security Token Service (STS), creating and validating security tokens that get bound into SOAP messages to carry user identity information in a standards-based manner.

PingFederate Web Services 2.6 adds support for OASIS WS-Trust version 1.3, the first version of WS-Trust to be published as an official industry standard by OASIS. In addition, it adds the
ability to create and validate SMSESSION tokens. With this new capability, SiteMinder-enabled enterprises can create Web service clients and providers that use WS-Trust to issue or validate proprietary SMSESSION tokens, as well as exchange SMSESSION tokens for other token types such as SAML assertions.

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