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Products provides a central location for providers to describe available tools that support SAML. Users are invited to share experiences using the "add new comment" link that appears at the bottom of each listing.

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Ping Identity: PingFederate

PingFederate is a standalone federated identity server utilizing SAML 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 to enable secure single sign-on to Internet applications for employees, customers and business partners.

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RSA Security: RSA Federated Identity Manager

RSA Federated Identity Manager is a flexible, scalable, and widely deployed solution for identity federation. With RSA Federated Identity Manager, enterprises can share trusted user credentials securely and confidently.  This enables convenient access to multiple external applications or web services using a single identity and logon.  Whether collaborating with business partners, outsourced service providers, supply chain partners, or across multiple offices or agencies; federation provides a standard-based way to leverage trusted identities between organizations.

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Sun Federated Access Manager

Sun Federated Access Manager (formerly Sun Access Manager and Sun Federation Manager) is the first identity and access management solution to extend security for Web and Java applications to federated environments and Web services security -- with a single product. The product, which is built from the open source project called OpenSSO, provides access management, federation, and web services security functionality in a simple WAR file.

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Symlabs: Symlabs Federated Identity Suite

Symlabs Federated Identity Suite delivers the flexibility to create an identity management solution with Single Sign-On and Single Log-Out for nearly any environment. It is fully compliant with SAML (1.0, 1.1, & 2.0 including GSA profile) plus open Liberty Alliance standards (ID-WSF 2.0 & ID-FF 1.2), and also provides support for WS-Federation 1.0.

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TrueGuard -- Zero-footprint "Password-less" SSO (enterprise and federated)


Have you ever wondered that if your master-password  used for SSO for  accessing several applications can be compromised in terms of Phishing, Keylogging or over-the-shoulder attacks? In the least, an offline attack of stealing "hashes" for your passwords from your LDAP or AD or your secure databases? Looking for something that can make all your passwords one-time disposable but without gadgets and SMS texts? Want something that doesn't invade your biometric privacy? 


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ZXID Identity Management toolkit implements standalone SAML 2.0 and Liberty ID-WSF 2.0 stacks. It is a C implementation with minimal external dependencies - OpenSSL, CURL, and zlib - ensuring easy deployment (no DLLhell). Due to its small footprint and efficient and accurate schema driven implementation, it is suitable for embedded and high volume applications. Language bindings to all popular highlevel languages such as PHP, Perl, and Java, are provided via SWIG. ZXID implements, as of July 07, SP, WSC, and WSP roles.

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