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SAML 2.0 with java Sample


can someone give me a short example for making a SOAP request for a SAML 2 token (with username and password) with JAVA. The SAML 2 token should be used in another Request for a different web service (as Header). Couldn't find usefull examples by searching the internet. Also a example for encrypted request is needed. Are they any usefull libs to use?

Tried it with apache axis, but didn't work (encrypted). 




Identity propagation with SAML


In my scenario I have the following entities:

- SAML secured Portal (Domain A)

- User

- SAML secured API( Domain B, so different domain than the portal)

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SP and IDP implementation

I am implementing a Service Provider in java and an IDP in java, which is necessary to implement in order to comply with a basic implementation?

Logout Request if necessary signed?

a logout request, which must be signed? the application service provider for the idp, idp or response to the service provider? is it really necessary to sign the service provider?

How to intercept saml authnrequest

I am using SAML2 authentication engine. I would like to log the SAML Request AND SAML Response. How do I intercept the request and response using idp-metadata.xml or attribute-resolver.xml or handler.xml

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