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New Workday for iPad extends SAML to mobile apps

To offer enterprise-class SaaS solutions for managing global businesses with an innovative approach to business applications, Workday, Inc., the company in SaaS-based enterprise solutions for global human resources (HR), payroll, and financial management, has introduced Workday for iPad...

Workday for iPad is a native built mobile solution designed specifically for the way business leaders interact with the device. With this device, users can intuitively navigate through organizational hierarchies and drill into a worker's profile to view job information, talent information, job history and compensation history. It enables users to see personal activity streams, prioritize tasks, and respond to alerts and approval needs, such as time off requests and expense reimbursements.

The company has extended SAML authentication to its mobile applications. This allows users to securely and conveniently sign in to Workday's mobile applications using the same authentication method and credentials they use for Workday on their desktop and other enterprise systems.

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