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PhoneFactor Wins 2011 Golden Bridge Award for Innovation in Cloud Authentication

PhoneFactor secures access to cloud services by adding a critical second layer of authentication. In addition to a user name and password, users respond to an automated phone call or text message from PhoneFactor to login. PhoneFactor is ideal for cloud security because it works instantly with any phone anywhere in the world. There are no security tokens or other devices to purchase, provision, and maintain, and no software or certificates for end users to install. As a result, PhoneFactor can be quickly and economically deployed to large numbers of cloud services users around the globe.

“Authentication is a significant and growing concern among cloud service providers and their customers, most of whom recognize that passwords alone do not provide sufficient protection,” notes Steve Dispensa, PhoneFactor CTO. “We are pleased to be honored with this Golden Bridge Award, which validates PhoneFactor’s innovative approach to securing access to cloud services with phone-based two-factor authentication.”

PhoneFactor offers a number of integration options for rapid implementation and maximum flexibility. For cloud service providers, PhoneFactor offers direct integration with Internet Information Server (IIS), web plug-ins for Java and .Net, and a web services SDK. For organizations leveraging cloud services, built-in support for SAML enables PhoneFactor to serve as the identity provider to cloud services, such as Google and among others. When configured for SAML, PhoneFactor can provide federated two-factor authentication for the myriad of cloud services that support SAML...

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