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This is the official community gathering place and information resource for the SAML OASIS Standard. SAML provides an XML-based framework for creating and exchanging security information between online partners. This is a community-driven site, and the public is encouraged to contribute content.

Federating within the same domain

Hello all, I am implementing a SAML 2.0 federated solution that exists within a single domain (,, The various sections are different applications/services on physically differnt servers/systemse. All of the SAML use cases I have read (Oasis) only talk about cross-domain federation. Will the SAML solution be able to distinguish between the different URLs within a single domain. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Respectfully, SRosen

New version of eLynx mortgage signature software supports SAML

Cincinnati-headquartered eLynx, a portfolio company of American Capital Strategies Ltd., has introduced the next generation of uSign, its electronic signature services. Part of the eLynx expedite platform, the latest release of uSign enhances multiple capabilities including greater control and visibility of documents, a seamless consumer experience and richer enterprise branding, according to eLynx.

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Ping Identity Extends Identity Management Leadership With Sxip Access Acquisition

Ping Identity announced the acquisition of Sxip Access, a pioneering product for on-demand identity management. The deal enables Ping to accelerate its SaaS program and obtain proven technology for extending its flagship PingFederate product with the complementary Sxip Access feature set and deployment options. Ping Federate provides rapidly deployable software for secure Internet single sign-on (SSO). The Ping and Sxip technologies combine identity and access management solutions for software-as-a-service and federated identity. 

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Group offers open source security code to Java developers

Open source identity community,, announced the release of open source code to help Java developers build privacy and security features into their Web 2.0, component-based and mobile applications. OpenLiberty-J is based on Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE), and open source XML, SAML, and Web services libraries from the Apache Software Foundation and Internet2, including the Shibboleth Project's OpenSAML.

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GridShib SAML Tools Version 0.3.0

Developers have announced the release of GridShib SAML Tools Version 0.3.0. GridShib is an NSF-funded project to integrate the Globus Toolkit and Shibboleth. With both GridShib for Globus Toolkit and GridShib for Shibboleth installed, Globus Toolkit may securely request attributes from the Attribute Authority component of a Shibboleth Identity Provider. GridShib distributes four software components: GridShib for Globus Toolkit, GridShib for Shibboleth, GridShib Certificate Authority, and GridShib SAML Tools.

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