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In-Webo (, strong authentication as a service (SaaS). Very simply, In-Webo has made a pure bulletproof software implementation of the OTP mechanism. The implementation delivers significant usability upsides, such as multi-device support (mobility: smartphones, tablets), selfcare, web-SSO features and super-fast application integration (incl SAML v2 identity federation). In-Webo is directly integrated with many vertical applications (ADP-GSI, SalesForce, GoogleApps, Office365, Concurr etc..) as well as to over 300 apps through is native integration with PingOne and PingFederate. On the saas server side, InWebo is based on a very robust HSM-Card security infrastructure which guarantee total isolation of multi-tenants secure elements. As a SAAS application, In-Webo does not require an upfront investment, which drives a compelling TCO vs traditional token-based solutions.
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