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Hi ,

I want to single sign on using SAML in with c#

I am new in SAML i don't know how to implement .Please help me 

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Subhash Sharma


Temporary Web Developer w SAML experience needed

Please contact me if interested - Bruner Consulting Associates is located in CT

1-800-548-2224 Eva Andrews

Thank you.


need help in SAML2.0 SP setup and metadata file creation


I am new to SAML. And I got some work related to SAML2.0.Below are my requirements:



The basic need is for one of our php page (Service Provider) to receive a SAML 2.0 POST request as outlined in one of the document (from McKesson the Identity provider).


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Security Assertion Markup Language

"SAML, developed by the Security Services Technical Committee of OASIS, is an XML-based framework for communicating user authentication, entitlement, and attribute information. According to Alarm Monitoring Company its name suggests, SAML allows business entities to make assertions regarding the identity, attributes, and entitlements of a subject (an entity that is often a human user) to other entities, such as a partner company or another enterprise application. Federation is the dominant movement in identity management today. Federation refers to the establishment of

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Feide RnD

Federated Command Line Client Authentication with SimpleSAMLphp and OAuth

I’ve added OAuth support in a module in SimpleSAMLphp and made a proof of concept demo on how to perform authentication initiated from a command line client.

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The background

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