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How American Hospital Association Combined Social, Single Sign-On

AHA shares how its hybrid cloud architecture using Symplified for authentication and Socialtext software improved communications and business processes... The AHA system uses the enterprise social network from Socialtext. The architecture actually centers around single sign-on technology from Symplified, which provides common authentication to other social applications, such as Box for file sharing in the cloud, and business applications like UltiPro for human resources management.
[Karthik] Chakkarapani [AHA IT Director] said the architecture is hybrid cloud, incorporating pure cloud services like Box, but with Socialtext installed inside the firewall as an appliance for better, more secure integration with Active Directory and other internal resources. Symplified played an important role in integration with the cloud services, using the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standard where possible and custom integrations where necessary. Now that the architecture is more established, Chakkarapani said he tells cloud computing vendors he is only interested in talking with them if they offer SAML support...
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