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Ping Identity Unveils PingFederate Express

Ping Identity® today announced PingFederate Express™, an Internet Single Sign-On (SSO) “endpoint” solution for Service Providers who need to quickly and cost-effectively establish a SAML connection with a PingFederate Identity Provider. PingFederate Express delivers enterprise-class performance, reliability and security, with no additional hardware, federated identity expertise or ongoing maintenance required.

“PingFederate Express was developed in direct response to customer requirements. While hundreds of organizations worldwide have adopted PingFederate, many of them also need to connect to smaller Service Provider partners who often are stretched for IT resources, time and expertise,” said Mike Donaldson, Ping Identity Vice President of Marketing. “For these Service Providers, the thought of implementing even a single SAML connection to a very important partner is daunting. PingFederate Express solves this problem.”

PingFederate Express allows a Service Provider to establish Internet SSO connections in minutes. It installs directly into the Service Provider’s Web server as a plug-in, requiring no specialized federated identity or security knowledge and no additional server hardware or ongoing maintenance.

PingFederate Express provides the same level of quality Internet SSO that more than 350 customers worldwide have come to expect from PingFederate, including clustering for high availability and assertion replay prevention for security. Unlike other offerings in the market, PingFederate Express gives Service Providers an easy upgrade path to PingFederate as business requirements grow.

“PingFederate Express is a great entry-point product for Service Providers,” said Enterprise Management Associates Analyst Scott Crawford. “It allows a Service Provider to establish and secure an Internet Single Sign-On connection with an Identity Provider in minutes and provides an easy upgrade path to PingFederate as Internet SSO requirements grow.”

PingFederate Express is available on September 22. Identity Providers may purchase PingFederate Express on behalf of their Service Provider partners under the Ping Identity Endpoint Program, or Service Providers may purchase directly from Ping Identity.

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