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SAP Simplifies Customer Experience With Single Sign-On

In the wake of heightened security concerns across the IT landscape, SAP AG has introduced the SAP NetWeaverĀ® Single Sign-On application for increased protection of customer data across applications. The software is based on assets that SAP acquired from longtime partner SECUDE in February 2011. Customers using several software systems need to enter different credentials when moving from one to another. This can lead to the simplification or overuse of a single password, thereby weakening the security of the system landscape. SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-On addresses the risk by providing single sign-on capabilities to SAP and non-SAP systems as well as strong communication encryption. The application enables users of SAP systems to enter one secure user name and password to gain access to multiple SAP applications. In addition, the system supports authentification methods of third-party vendors, including smart cards, and single sign-on capabilities for Web applications based on open standards like certificates and security assertion markup language (SAML). These standards also allow the integration of third-party software and the setup of cross company scenarios...

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