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SOA Software Releases SOLA 6.0 Mainframe Solution

SOA Software Inc. released Version 6.0 of its SOLA (Service Oriented Legacy Architecture) integrated solution, which is designed to help run mainframe applications as part of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The product, released last month, lets operators expose mainframe applications as "secure" Web services, while also enabling mainframe applications to consume Web services.

Version 6.0 adds support for CICS (Customer Information Control System) TS v3.1-3.2, identity mapping and orchestration via Business Process Execution Language. Other new features are enhanced certificate management, SAML 2.0 authentication and improved developer tools in SOLA Development Studio.

SOLA is a unified package providing functionality, governance and performance solutions. It runs entirely on the mainframe, supporting SOAP and XML standards, without the need for additional middleware. The product includes monitoring, logging and audit controls. A registry enables policy management, as well as workflow and change-and-release management.

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