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reading private key from a file(.pem) and sign SAML Assertion


I am working on SAML assertion. I have a private key abc.pem. I want to read this file and sign the assertion. The code I found on the internet is what I have written. I might be wrong, but somehow I think this code is for generation private key from a public key, which is what I don't want. I already have a private key, alias and its password. I just want to read it from file and sign the assertion. You help would be greatly appreciated.



Code Snippet:

String privKeyFile = "abc.pem";
String alias = "test";
char[] password = "pwd".toCharArray();
// read private key PEM file dis = new FileInputStream(privKeyFile));
byte[] privKeyBytes = new byte[(int)privKeyFile.length()];
KeyFactory keyFactory = KeyFactory.getInstance("RSA");
BASE64Decoder b64 = new BASE64Decoder();
// decode private key
PKCS8EncodedKeySpec privSpec = new PKCS8EncodedKeySpec(b64.decodeBuffer(privKeyBytes.toString()));
RSAPrivateKey privKey = (RSAPrivateKey) keyFactory.generatePrivate(privSpec);
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