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SAML implementation in Delphi

Hi All,

I need to implement SAML in Client-Server Delphi application. I have goggled a lot but failed to find any Delpi component to implement SAML in Delphi(However their are many component for SAML implementation in .Net)

Can we implement SAML in Delphi or not.if yes then please help me. 




If you talking about a web-client/web-server application, you might want to go for container-based authentication. E.g. configure a web server that requires SAML authentication for the namespace of your Delphi application, and use the REMOTE_USER variable in the application for login, or other attributes if you need them as well. If you have that level of control over your deployment environment this method is considered superior to integrating SAMl on the application level by several experts.

Hi All,

Could anyone please reply about
How to implement the SAML in web based delphi application?
Are there any components available in delphi?

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