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Liberty Alliance ID-FF and ID-WSF

The Liberty Alliance is an industry consortium defining standards for federated identity - including enabling simplified sign-on through federated network identification using current and emerging network access devices, as well as supporting and promoteing permission-based attribute sharing to enable a user's choice and control over the use and disclosure of his/her personal identification.


Liberty had defined its Identity Federation Framework (ID-FF) on the base provided by SAML V1.x, layering additional functionality on top. Recognizing the value of a single standard for federated SSO, the Alliance submitted ID-FF V1.2 back into the OASIS Security Services Technical Committee as input for SAML V2.0 and is already working to base its work on the new technical base formed by the SAML V2.0 OASIS Standard.


Liberty's Identity Web Services Framework (ID-WSF), a platform for securing identity-based Web services, continues to evolve within the Liberty Alliance. Liberty ID-WSF uses SAML assertions as the security token format by which the authentication and authorization information associated with the various web service actors are communicated amongst them.

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