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Revision of SAML Open Source Implementations from Tue, 2013-08-20 18:57

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  •  OX
    • SAML IDP + OpenID Connect OP + UMA PDP
    • Uses Shibboleth IDP, but adds a GUI to make configuration easier
    • J2EE stack of software to enable domain authentication  and authorization
    • Available as open source or managed service. Sponsored by Gluu,
    • OX wiki is available at
  • Enterprise Sign On Engine (ESOE)
  • Lasso - Liberty Alliance Single Sign-On
    • Lasso is implemented in C, with bindings available for the Java, Perl, Python and PHP languages
    • Implemented first Liberty ID-FF 1.2 but added support for ID-WSF and SAMLv2 later on
    • Both ID-FF 1.2 and SAMLv2 passed Liberty interoperability tests
    • from Entr'ouvert

  • OneLogin SAML Toolkits, SAML 2.0 SP
  • OpenSSO
  • OpenSAML
  • Shibboleth
    • from Internet2
    • includes Identity Provider (Java) and Service Provider (C++ apache module)
    • Shib 1.3 implements SAML V1.1 SP and IdP
    • Shib 2.0 implements SAML V2.0 SP and IdP in addition to SAML V1.1
    • implementation built on top of OpenSAML

  • simpleSAMLphp, SAML V2.0 SP, SAML V2.0 IdP
  • SourceID
  • ZXID
    • Open Source IdM for the Masses - SAML SSO
    • ZXID is implemented in C but supports (via SWIG) Perl, PHP, and Java
    • Implements SAML V2.0 SP (98% done) and SAML V1.1 SP (60% done)
    • Supports other protocols (ID-FF, ID-WSF, and WS-Fed)
    • from Sampo Kellomäki (

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