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Feide RnD

Federated Command Line Client Authentication with SimpleSAMLphp and OAuth

I’ve added OAuth support in a module in SimpleSAMLphp and made a proof of concept demo on how to perform authentication initiated from a command line client.

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The background

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SAML Logos

A graphic artist I know contributed (pro-bono) this draft, unofficial, composite SAML logo idea. The files are stored in the SSTC document repository, and are essentially the same image(s) in various file formats..

  • draft-saml-logo-03.pdf, .png, .eps, .tif, .psd

The .psd format file is the Photoshop source file.

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Virtual Daniel (Sun Microsystems)

Learning About OpenSSO & Federated Access Manager

To learn more about OpenSSO and Federated Access Manager please visit my blog at: ">

SAML Open Source Implementations

Items listed in alphabetical order. Register an account and add yours if it isn't already listed :)

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List of organizations using SAML

SAML is being deployed worldwide. If your organization uses SAML, please add to this list.

Open Identity Providers 

Identity Providers that are open for any Service Provider to access, and open for any users to create an account by registering them selves. Can be used by SPs in a federation that also need to grant access to guest users, or to independent SPs.


  •  Feide RnD OpenIdP

Private sector

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