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Nexus Technology: Argus Authentication Server

Nexus Argus Authentication Server  is a versatile, flexible and cost-efficient single sign-on access solution for web applications. The product name “Argus” refers to the mythological figure with one hundred eyes engaged by a goddess to guard a holy present. Analogously, Nexus Argus is the watcher of organizations’ valuable information accessible over the web. Nexus Argus combines best-of-breed security features with novel technologies for easy integration and user-friendliness:
  • Multiple credential types accepted: domain password, one-time-password (OTP), corporate card, national eID, mobile phone, PKI certificate, etc.
  • Single sign-on for user convenience: After presenting his or her credential, the user can move around to visit any number of web services without needing to log on again.
  • Single sign-off: The user needs to log out only once and Argus logs him or her out from all connected applications and sessions. If the user remains inactive for some time, he or she will be logged out too.
  • Identity federation made simple: By means of ID mapping, Argus enables the use of one single ID across all systems and thereby provides federation of identities by a simple means. Quick and easy integration via SAML standard: With the use of the slim standard SAML interface (Security Assertion Markup Language), integration with a web application may be achieved as simply as installing an open-source library.
  • Policy-based assurance level: Different services may require different levels of assurance of the electronic identity of the user. Argus enforces the right assurance level: while moving to another application, the user may be requested to present a stronger credential, e.g. an eID in favour of the formerly presented password.
  • Validation against various PKI and LDAP systems: Credential validation is performed on basis of international standards. Argus is thus fully compatible with other Nexus products and with standard compliant third party products too.
  • Flexibility: The architecture of Argus is pluggable. Adding new credential types, integrating with new identity stores, introducing new identity mapping rules is possible with little effort. Branding to corporate design and localisation are easy too.

About Nexus

Nexus Technology works internationally with e-communication, information and security solutions. Our clients are companies for which IT and the Internet are essential to the management of sensitive information and knowledge. Nexus’ business concept is to offer solutions, products and services that make the right information available to the right people, at the right time, wherever they need it in the world. We help our clients to not only protect their information, e-communication and knowledge, but also to create opportunities to make more effective use of these. Nexus is an international company with headquarter in Sweden, offices in several European countries and partners all over the world. For more information please visit our home page or send a query to . Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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