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TrueGuard -- Zero-footprint "Password-less" SSO (enterprise and federated)


Have you ever wondered that if your master-password  used for SSO for  accessing several applications can be compromised in terms of Phishing, Keylogging or over-the-shoulder attacks? In the least, an offline attack of stealing "hashes" for your passwords from your LDAP or AD or your secure databases? Looking for something that can make all your passwords one-time disposable but without gadgets and SMS texts? Want something that doesn't invade your biometric privacy? 


TrueGuard ( can provide "Password-less" SSO convenience and at the same time eliminating Phishing of your passwords completely. Yes, SAML 1 and 2.0 compliant and has standards-based interfaces for quick integration  without much fuss.

Be it GoogleApps, or Salesforce or ActiveDirectory based ADFS, TrueGuard brings in orders of magnitude security without sacrificing convenience and at the same time resilient to all known attacks. 

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