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SAML Testimonials

This page tracks endorsements of SAML from organizations around the globe.

BEA Systems
"In a relatively short time, SAML has become one of the most widely accepted standards for exchanging authorization data in Federated Identity environments. SAML 2.0 reflects this broad support in the number of organizations and individuals who contributed new features to it. BEA looks forward to increasing our support for SAML in future product offerings," said Hal Lockhart, Principal Engineering Technologist, BEA Systems.

"SAML 2.0 will be the keystone that enables many other elements of XML trust infrastructure to interoperate. For example, the upcoming XRI 2.0 specifications from the OASIS XRI (Extensible Resource Identifier) Technical Committee uses SAML 2.0 assertions to provide trusted XRI resolution services. The OASIS XDI (XRI Data Interchange) Technical Committee also plans to foster trusted data interchange relationships using SAML 2.0," said Drummond Reed, CTO Cordance Corporation, co-chair, OASIS XRI and XDI Technical Committees.

"SAML is fast becoming the dominant Web services standard for federating 'identity as a service', and promises to break the traditional lock between Web SSO 'shim' and server. The 2.0 version of SAML and the very successful 12-vendor OASIS SAML Interop lab at the RSA Conference are further proof of SAML's maturity," said Eugene Kuznetsov, CTO and Chairman of DataPower.

"We're extremely happy with the number of products that natively support SAML, as well as the number of people available to help our customers use it. We chose to support SAML because it provides immense flexibility as a robust standard and the security that our customers demand. Ultimately, we want our customers to make their own decisions about their security and authentication policies, and SAML makes it easy," said Gabe Cohen, product manager, Google Enterprise. 

"Nokia has long recognized the importance of security and identity management to Web services and is pleased to see SAML v2.0 reach standardization," said Frederick Hirsch, Senior Architect at Nokia. "SAML v2.0 will do much to reduce market confusion and to drive adoption of federated identity technology, converging Liberty Alliance Federation Framework, SAML v1.1, and Shibboleth technologies. Achieving SAML v2.0 standardization is a major accomplishment in an important area."

“Our technology employs mobile phones and SAML 2.0 to strike the tough balance between security and privacy concerns on the one hand, and usability on the other—two necessities in the modern world,” said Dr. Kenji Takahashi, senior research engineer and supervisor, NTT Information Sharing Platform Laboratories.

"The SAML 2.0 OASIS Standard marks a huge step forward in delivering on the promise of secure Web Services," said Uppili Srinavasan, senior director, Identity Management and Security Products, Oracle. "Organizations can now rely on SAML to facilitate secure interactions not just among employees within the enterprise, but extend this security beyond the traditional enterprise to the broader trading community consisting of customers, partners and suppliers."

Sun Microsystems
"Sun continues to drive identity management and Web services standards both through our participation with organizations, such as OASIS and the Liberty Alliance, as well as providing full support of the latest industry standards within our products," said Sara Gates, vice president identity management, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "Sun is proud to have been a supporter of SAML from its inception, and we are excited to see it approved by the members of the OASIS Security Services Technical Committee as an OASIS Standard."

“E-Authentication Solutions wants federal agencies to be able to select the software that meets their unique business requirements while also delivering assurances that it will interoperate with other applications used within the Federation. The US GSA is requiring vendors to pass Liberty Alliance SAML 2.0 interoperability testing to help ensure identity products can interoperate from day one and provide long-term business value to US Government Agencies,” said Myisha Frazier-McElveen, Acting Program Executive, E-Authentication Solutions. 

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