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List of organizations using SAML

SAML is being deployed worldwide. If your organization uses SAML, please add to this list.

Open Identity Providers 

Identity Providers that are open for any Service Provider to access, and open for any users to create an account by registering them selves. Can be used by SPs in a federation that also need to grant access to guest users, or to independent SPs.


Private sector

Public sector

  • Australia: Victorian state government project
  • Austria: Citizen Card enabling online banking
  • Belgium: e-services for citizens and employers
  • Canada: British Columbia Attorney General
  • China:
    • China Intellectual Property Net
    • National Development and Reform Commission
    • SchenZhen City Special Economic Zone—Unified Identity Verification
  • Denmark: federated services in the public sector
  • Estonia: Electronic ID Card
  • Finland: Board of Taxes
  • France:
    • Public Service Portal
    • National Library, account authorization
    • Federated Identity for the French National Agency of Research
    • Cities of Pierrefitte and Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy
  • Germany: Federal Government Employee Application; “Citizen Portal”
  • Iceland: Authentication Processes
  • Ireland: Reach agency, developing framework for electronic government
  • Italy: Ministry of Transportation Motorists’ Portal
  • Korea: Integrated ID Management Services
  • Netherlands: Digital Identity for Citizens; A-Select Authentication System;
    Dutch Public Libraries
  • New Zealand: All-of-government Authentication Program
  • Norway: My Page portal for accessing personal information; Ministry of
    Government Administration and Reform; Norwegian Ministry of Education;
    Directorate of Public Roads; The Research Council of Norway; The National
    Library; Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry
  • Portugal: Citizen and agency e-government services
  • Spain: National Identity Card
  • Sweden: Stockholm Portal
  • Turkey: Citizen and agency e-services
  • United Kingdom:
    • UK Government Gateway Authentication Service
    • Sunderland City Council Smart Cards for travel and commerce
    • Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC)
    • NHS Connecting for Health
  • United States:
    • Massachusetts e-services for citizens and agencies
    • New Jersey Enterprise Identity and Access Management infrastructure
    • New York federated multi-agency identity and access management
    • Pennsylvania Shared infrastructure services directed towards implementing a consumer-centric approach

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

Universities and Research Centers


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