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SAML is defined in terms of assertions, protocols, bindings, and profiles.

The core of the SAML specification defines how the SAML requests and responses are
transported, however, a number of use cases have been developed that require the formulation of profiles that define how the SAML assertions, protocols and bindings are combined.

Generally, a profile of SAML defines constraints and/or extensions in support of the usage of SAML for a particular application – the goal being to enhance interoperability by removing some of the flexibility inevitable in a general-use standard. For instance, the Web Browser SSO Profile specifies how SAML authentication assertions are communicated between an identity provider and service provider to enable single sign-on for a browser user.

SAML Profiles include:

Web Browser SSO Profile: Defines how a Web Browser supports SSO, when using
<AuthnRequest> protocol messages in combination with HTTP Redirect, HTTP POST and
HTTP Artifact bindings

Enhanced Client and Proxy (ECP) Profile: Defines how <AuthnRequest> protocol
messages are used when combined with the Reverse-SOAP binding (PAOS). Designed to
support mobile devices front-ended by a WAP gateway

Identity Provider Discovery Profile: Defines how a service provider can discover which
identity providers a principal is using with the Web Server

Single Logout Profile: A profile of the SAML Single Logout protocol is defined. Defines how
SOAP, HTTP Redirect, HTTP POST and HTTP Artifact bindings may be used.

Name Identifier Management Profile: Defines how the Name Identifier Management protocol
may be used with SOAP, HTTP Redirect, HTTP POST and HTTP Artifact bindings.

Artifact Resolution Profile: Defines how the Artifact Resolution protocol uses a synchronous
binding, for example the SOAP binding.

Assertion Query/Request Profile: Defines how the SAML query protocols (used for obtaining
SAML assertions) use a synchronous binding such as the SOAP binding.

Name Identifier Mapping Profile: Defines how the Name Identifier Mapping protocol uses a
synchronous binding such as the SOAP binding.


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