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SAML Meta data

Am new to SAML.

Can any one tell me what is the use of SAML Meta data?

what is the use of it..

Provisioning implementations with trust management and endpoint/configuration information about peers.

Thanks Scott,

Our requirement is to use SAML Meatadata.

How to use SAML metadata with SAML Assersion?


That's not a specific or well-scoped question. The profile you're implementing should indicate if/how metadata applies. If you're talking about Web SSO, the Shibboleth documentation might be of use.

Please use the saml-dev mailing list for questions, I won't follow up here.


I am new to SAML and that too Metadata.

We have a requirement that our client requires SAML Metadata from ourside and they will probably give it their's.
I would like to know the following things [Even though it seems more queries, but all are related, i believe]

1. For Idp-initiated SSO, is the metadata required?
2. What is the role of metadata in sending SAML Response and Assertion on connecting the Consumer URL through SSO?
3. What is the relationship between metadata and assertion?
4. Where this metadata xml to be placed?
5. How to validate the incoming SAMl Assertion is as per the metadata given?
6. Do we need to send the metadata along with Assertion each time?


And Plz let me know where can i find saml-dev mailing list for posting questions.



You're basically asking "how do I implement SAML?", and I can't answer that online in small amounts of spare time. If somebody else has that kind of time, I hope they speak up for you.

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