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CSC Introduces CloudIAM Identity and Access Management Solution

CSC today announced CSC CloudIAM, a comprehensive cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution built with cloud security company, Symplified®. CSC CloudIAM addresses the security and technical challenges faced by government and commercial enterprises who are transitioning applications to the cloud. This is accomplished by leveraging clients' existing credential stores and extending to them IAM features such as Single Sign-On (SSO), Role-Based Access (RBAC) and centralized audit logging for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications...


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Identity assurance means 'never having to say who are you, again?'

Eve Maler writes: A decade after launching the SAML standard and seeing its, shall we say, stately pace of adoption, it’s wild to see real single sign-on and federated attribute sharing starting to take off for social networking, retail sites, online gaming, and more — not to mention seeing the US government starting to consume private-sector identities on citizen-facing websites...We’re predicting you’ll see new Web 2.0-ish ways to outsource identity verification in the coming three years, driven by use cases like e-prescribing, high-value eCommerce, and eve

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Linux Full Disk Encryption Secured with YubiKey Challenge-Response

Yubico, a leading provider of easy and secure login solutions, expands the use of its YubiKey with its first disk encryption solution thanks to a global open source community.

The proof of concept for using the YubiKey to encrypt the entire hard drive on a Linux computer has been developed by Tollef Fog Heen, a long time YubiKey user and Debian package maintainer.

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VASCO Announces Acquisition of Alfa & Ariss

VASCO Data Security, a software security company specializing in authentication products and services, today announced its acquisition of Alfa & Ariss, an open identity and access management specialist of Enschede, The Netherlands. A&A was founded in 1999 and is an authority in the field of developing open identity and access management solutions. OpenASelect is A&A's high-profile authentication server platform. Companies implementing the OpenASelect platform don't need to invest in know-how or infrastructure, allowing them to focus on their core business.

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OneLogin’s Open-Source SAML Toolkit Democratizes Single Sign-On

A growing number of security-conscious SaaS vendors leverage OneLogin’s free and open-source SAML toolkit to give their customers identity management in the cloud with single sign-on, directory integration and multi-factor authentication. Zendesk’s and SugarCRM’s SAML implementation will be showcased at SugarCon 2011, April 4-6, 2011, Booths 501 & 503.

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