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5 cool tools for cloud management

 [Network World] looked at Symplifed for identity management exclusively targeted to SaaS-based apps, Puppet Labs for virtual machine deployment, HP for building and managing private clouds, Abiquo for IaaS platform management and TurnKey Linux for low-cost cloud backup...

Symplified Identity Manager (SIM) provides administrators with a way to deal with Web-based application identity and passwords. This is done through an "identity router" called SinglePoint. The SIM product, in turn, manages identity for users with SaaS applications.

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TRACT Release Increases Convenience and Security with Single Sign-On

Transverse LLC deepens SaaS cloud integration and security with its June 2011 enhancements to TRACT™—the comprehensive, real-time subscription and usage-based rating and billing solution in a SaaS model. With the adoption of SAML-based Single-Sign-On (SSO), Transverse further strengthens its Dynamic Revenue Management and subscription billing capabilities. TRACT users will now be able to connect to what can potentially be thousands of SaaS offerings without the headaches of multiple log-ons and passwords.

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How American Hospital Association Combined Social, Single Sign-On

AHA shares how its hybrid cloud architecture using Symplified for authentication and Socialtext software improved communications and business processes... The AHA system uses the enterprise social network from Socialtext.

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SAP Simplifies Customer Experience With Single Sign-On

In the wake of heightened security concerns across the IT landscape, SAP AG has introduced the SAP NetWeaver® Single Sign-On application for increased protection of customer data across applications. The software is based on assets that SAP acquired from longtime partner SECUDE in February 2011. Customers using several software systems need to enter different credentials when moving from one to another. This can lead to the simplification or overuse of a single password, thereby weakening the security of the system landscape.

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Open Source Single Sign On Meets Open Source Two-Factor Authentication

WiKID is teaming up with Atricore, the open source identity management company, to combine open source single sign on with open source two factor authentication. Atricore are the developers of the JOSSO (Java Single Sign On) project which with support for SAML and other standards has become a widely used technology in the identity management space. SAML works with Federated Identity to allow disparate business applications both within and across corporate boundaries to work seamlessly. Atricore offers several versions of JOSSO.

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