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TV Everywhere Starts Getting Somewhere

The battle lines on TV Everywhere content rights are still being drawn by MSOs and programmers, but the authentication systems that will make those services easier for consumers to access and help the category achieve some scale before industry-wide standards are adopted are finally starting to take shape...Just about everyone is using the SAML 2.0 for identifying customers between trusted domains (between MSOs and programmers, for instance) but there are still some variations on how content is being authorized for playback -- a piece that thePlatform has already built into i

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10 building blocks for securing the internet

We could, today, make the internet a much safer place to compute. All the open-standard protocols required to significantly decrease malicious attackers and malware already exist. What is missing is the leadership and involvement from the politicians, organisations, and tech experts necessary to turn the vision into a reality. Several protocols already in existence could serve as a foundation for a more secure internet...

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Trusted Client-to-Cloud Access with Intel

Intel announced Intel® Expressway Cloud Access 360 at Cloud Connect. This software provides cloud account provisioning, federated single sign-on into software as a service, two-factor authentication using one-time password soft tokens and context-based access control leveraging Intel® Identity Protection Technology clients. Cloud connectivity for applications and data is delivered through SAML, OAuth, OpenID and XACML standards.

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Okta Publishes Okta Scale to Accelerate Secure Adoption of Enterprise Cloud

Okta has published a rating system for companies adopting SaaS applications, as well as guidance to help developers create more secure and manageable solutions for their customers. The Okta Scale rates each SaaS application based on its ability to meet enterprise identity management requirements and gives enterprise IT teams a way to better gauge the overall manageability of cloud applications...

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SecureAuth wins Info Security Products Guide awards

SecureAuth Corporation announced today that Info Security Products Guide has named SecureAuth IEP a winner of the 2011 Tomorrow's Technology Today Award in two categories. The SecureAuth Identity Enforcement Platform (IEP) was selected based on technologies that are making the most positive impact on security in today's highly sophisticated and blended attacks environment.

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